All your files in the cloud

more frugal on iOS devices, preferring to store the majority of your assets in the cloud unless they’ve been used recently – and downloading them only when requested. You can access your assets through the Files app,

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MacLife2 min read
Organize Your Apps
YOUR WATCH’S default display shows all your apps as a grid of small bubbles on your home screen. To uninstall an app, lightly touch and hold its icon until it jiggles, then tap the app, and tap Delete. You can further organize your Watch apps by usin
MacLife2 min read
My Startup Disk Doesn’t Work At All
You can, although an external disk may be relatively slow. Ensure you use storage with a Thunderbolt or USB 3.0 connection, not an old USB 2.0 hard drive. Don’t use a thumb drive, even if it has USB 3.0, as speeds are often too slow. Ensure the drive
MacLife1 min read
My Mac Mini Keeps Running Hot!
Although this is counter–intuitive, these are symptoms of a single underlying problem, and not its cause. When your Mac’s processor is heavily loaded with an intensive task, it generates more heat, which is managed by the Mac’s cooling system. That i