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Riva Concert
$199 From Riva Audio, Features Wi–Fi, Bluetooth, Alexa–enabled, AirPlay, DLNA They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If that’s true, Sonos should be truly honoured by the Riva Concert’s arrival. The smallest of Riva’s two
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How Much Storage Will I Need?
ASSUMING THIS WON’T be your first iPhone, judge your storage requirements by what you already use. In Settings > General > iPhone Storage you’ll find a neat bar chart showing how much space is taken up by apps, photos, messages, media (music and vide
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The Shift
WITH APPLE’S FINANCIAL results taking a slight wobble for the first time in years — it only had its second–best Christmas results ever — talk turns to how it can keep growing its money pile in a world that’s reaching smartphone saturation. What’s the