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It’s no secret that Hatteras sportfishing boats are built for action. In fact, the action is global, with owners around the country and the world catching marlin, snapper, tuna and more from the teak decks of their tournament-ready convertibles. This year, the company wanted to try something new. “We wanted to build a

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Power & Motoryacht12 min read
A Hopeless Place
After covering the 2012 trial of 10 Somali pirates in Hamburg, Germany, American literary journalist and novelist Michael Scott Moore was intrigued. He had listened to the defendants’—poor fisherman in a country that’s been blanketed in the darkness
Power & Motoryacht3 min read
Crash & Burn
My favorite part of Speed Kills, the quasi-biopic starring John Travolta, comes around the halfway point. In a smoky Miami nightclub, the King of Jordan, Hussein bin Talal, introduces his womanizing, offshore-racing business associate with a stately
Power & Motoryacht3 min read
Power Shift
Some of my favorite adventures have been fueled by outboards. As a kid, that meant summer afternoons pretending to be a Navy SEAL and beaching my parents’ dinghy at a speed I’m thankful they never caught me doing. These days, my favorite mornings sta