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overcome the lure of a cozy bed for an early a.m. run or to squeeze in a fourmiler after work. But on top of it, runners constantly hear that they should tack on a 20- minute warmup too. That’s not Instagram followers confirmed that most—er, 75 percent—forgo a proper prerun routine. So does doing one actually benefit your run that much?

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Hack Your Shoes
If you find a new shoe causes blisters on your pinky toe late in runs when your feet swell, or presses a little too much on a bunion. Take an X-Acto knife to the upper and cut a window, or make small slits over the areas of pressure for extra room. Y
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Why I Won’t Get a Running Tattoo
My sister tells me that my husband is at a tattoo parlor—that he checked in on Facebook to a place in Austin, Texas, that she says “looks kinda sketch.” I know what he’s up to. For months, he’s been talking about getting words inscribed on his thigh
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Get More Miles
Give your shoes a 48-hour break between runs by training with a second pair. “It takes about that long for the foam to decompress,” says Brooks’s Winger. And that can extend the life of a pair by up to 100 miles. Shoes can break down when you’re not