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The Inside Lane
ON A LATE-WINTER morning, I hadn’t made it a mile from the trailhead on the Taconic Crest Trail in western Massachusetts, but I was in agony, unable to run another step. The shoes I’d laced up at my car were killing me. They were stiff. And heavy. An
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What We’re Running
ASSOCIATE HEALTH AND FITNESS EDITOR // MY LIFE GOAL IS TO ADOPT A CAT I CAN RUN WITH 1 / Led Zeppelin Tank $20 Anyone who knows me knows I love classic rock. This T-shirt (which I chopped the sleeves off of immediately when I got it) is super baggy a
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Test Zone Tips
There isn’t a single shoe you can buy that’s perfect for all conditions and workouts. On long runs, wear a cushioned trainer for support. On race day, break out those racing flats. —Amanda Furrer Gray shoes are perceived as heavy. Shoes without black