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The phrase ‘endangered species’, I’m reliably informed, puts the willies up the giant pandas of Gansu province, the handful of snow leopards lurking in the Himalayas, and the whooping cranes that stalk the Gulf Coast of Texas. Not so us Sussex Spaniels, despite our numbers dropping so dramatically after the

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The Rake3 min read
A Constructive Personality
by nick scott “A camel,” goes a dictum that the corporate world militates against, “is a horse designed by a committee.” Whoever coined this bijou of anti-collectivism would get no quarrel from Howard Roark, the architect protagonist in Russian- Amer
The Rake3 min read
Honour Among Thieves
by nick scott It is technically a rom-com, but A Little Romance — a 1979 basement-cinema treat, directed by George Roy Hill, of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid fame — couldn’t be more removed from any saccharine, Kleenex-sponsored Anne Hathaway ve
The Rake2 min read
Strine Be The Glory
by ralph as told to nick scott Is there any more rugged way of life than mustering and droving? That’s rounding up livestock and moving it long distances, for those Pommy readers (not to mention the sooks in Sydney and Melbourne) who haven’t been int