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Woox Smart Power Strip
We’ve already seen a smart plug that turns outlets into a smarter way to power things, so how about a whole power strip with that functionality? Like other smart plugs, you can turn it on and off remotely, you can set schedules for when it should pro
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1 Of 3 Tomtom Go Premium X Sat-navs Worth £369 Each!
Worth £1,107 TOTAL! TomTom’s popular range of sat-navs are as smart as can be these days, packed not just with features that make it easy getting from A to B, but with features that work with your phone along the way, further boosting control. The To
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Ikea Kadrilj
We think connected blinds have the potential to be a big part of smart lighting setups – you can set them to raise in the morning, lower at sunset, or come down as part of a movie-night lighting scene. This obviously helps you make the most of natura