Cottages and Bungalows


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Cottages and Bungalows2 min read
Understanding the Modern Cottage
For some, a cottage is a modest home that encapsulates a simple life. For others, a cottage is a vacation home in a dreamlike location. The reality is a cottage is a lot of things. In her new book, The New Cottage: Inspiration for America’s Favorite
Cottages and Bungalows2 min read
Style Upgrade
There are definitely advantages to purchasing a spec home. Everything is ready to go, from the brand-new appliances to the interiors that won’t need remodeling for decades. But at times, these homes could use a jolt or two of personality, those small
Cottages and Bungalows2 min read
Farm Cottage Charm
Farmhouse style wasn’t exactly a trend back in 1970, and if it was, it wasn’t done on purpose.  Back then, most homes fell in line with the suburban look, outfitted with dark woods and compartmental floor plans. That was the original state of this Be