History of War


It is only possible to pretend that one war is good until the next war comes along. I still treasure my great uncle’s 1914-1918 medal (he was at Jutland) inscribed with the words, “The Great War for Civilisation”. In more elevated moments, those who survived it liked to dignify the Flanders slaughter as ‘The war to end war’. After all, if it really had ended war, then it might just have been worth it.

But how quickly all that came apart. As a child, I used to love the terse, graphic stories of ‘Gun Buster’ about the British Expeditionary Force’s retreat to Dunkirk. This

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History of War1 min read
War In Focus
German submarine SM U-118 attracts a fascinated crowd as it lies stricken on the beach of Hastings, on England’s south coast. The boat was commissioned early in 1918 and embarked on just one patrol before the surrender of the Imperial German Navy in
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Examining The ‘D-day Circus’
On June 6 2019 the 75th anniversary of the Normandy landings took place in France. In the weeks leading up to the event our computer screens, newspapers, phones and televisions were awash with D-Day related content. The event was heralded as the last
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Great Battles ZENTA 1697
The Ottoman field guns on the far bank of the Tisza open up on the Austrian army, but because they are out of range they are ineffective. In contrast, the Imperial guns wrought great havoc on the Ottoman infantry causing substantial casualties and di