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look at our contemporary digital world, Shannon McCulloch has an eye on the relevance of his mediums. Working primarily in oil on board paintings, as well as etchings and drawings, McCulloch could be described as a contemporary portrait artist, though first and foremost he is an artist of his generation. The 21-year-old finds his practice a meditative sojourn from a world mediated to us through a surge of images on our screens. In a daylight-flooded studio at Fremantle Arts Centre, where he is in residence until June 2017, McCulloch’s new body of works exemplifies an amalgamation of

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Acute Misfortune
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Tim Storrier: An Unlikely Liaison
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Murray Fredericks
When you began photographing you were travelling through places like Iran and Pakistan. What was it about those landscapes that appealed to you? The first thing was that I enjoyed the time and the space. I started becoming fascinated with little moti