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After listening to Ray Beattie and Peter Daly discussing painters who print, I became enthused by the dialogue between these two respected artists. They were stirred by the unconventional approach of painters to the technical concerns of printers. After numerous exchanges they were prepared to respond to Artist Profile’s questions on their printing past.

active service in the Vietnam War in 1970 and 1969 respectively, they unknowingly brought with them a new and provocative subject. However, it would take two decades before the narratives of these returned servicemen found an empathetic space in Australian art. By 1992 Daly, with another artist and Vietnam veteran, Archibald Zammit-Ross, co-curated Australia’s first international exhibition of veterans’ art (including refugees) from the Vietnam War. Beattie was one was the beginning of an ongoing exchange of ideas between Daly and Beattie. Beattie’s realism and colour theory concerns have little in common with Daly’s symbolist tendencies. Yet since , their prints and paintings have appeared in many exhibitions on the Vietnam War. In recent times, both artists prioritise their practice by concentrating on painting.

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