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WARM AUDIO WA273-EQ Dual Channel Strip
Every time you see a review comparing a Neve clone to a vintage 1073, the reviewers typically give a similar disclaimer. It goes something along the lines of having used, hired, borrowed, or stolen a number of vintage 1073s over the years, and no two
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Hit Man
“Songs are like tornadoes,” mused Louis Bell. “They come out of nowhere and can cause some damage, but you don’t really know when they’re coming. Songs take everything around them, spin it together and turn that into a storm. It affects people, but w
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SENNHEISER IE 40 PRO In-ear Monitors
The IEM market is becoming as saturated as a sturgeon tank in a caviar farm [huh? —Ed.]. It’s teeming with generic models pitched at teenage commuters, audiophiles, touring musicians and everyone in between. Interestingly, Sennheiser has appealed dir