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Less is more. How many times have we heard that phrase and wondered how relevant it was to our current situation? Well, in the case of making music I reckon it’s spot on. Like so many other musicians, my plug-in folders have over the years ended up stuffed to the gills with both commercial and freeware offerings, to the extent that even choosing an EQ can prompt a deep breath and an impromptu tea break. There’s no way I’d ever get any music created if my current PC was bogged down with everything I’ve ever installed. Do I really need

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Last year AudioTechnology ran an Instagram competition with SoundAcoustics called Treat My Room. We asked you to submit your studio in need of a little acoustic love. It didn’t matter whether it was a bedroom, garage, broom closet; we wanted to help.
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In Issue 17 of AudioTechnology I wrote an article called ‘Engineer, Promote Thyself!’, discussing strategies for promoting your audio skills and services. For perspective, Issue 17 hit the streets in late 2000; that’s about two years after Google was
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Inside Spectra 1964
Many times when mastering I’ve needed sporadic limiting to protect against the ‘overs’ caused by intersample peaking, as shown when using a true peak meter. These overs can cause distortion when codecs are applied for streaming or MP3s, but many of t