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Beautiful Weather: The Social Politics of Global Warming

1 ‘Greater Sydney in July 2018: Record warmth and dry conditions’ . shtml last accessed 6 August 2018.2 3 ‘Greens MP Adam Bandt tries to make political mileage out of fires’, , 13 November 2013: 4 Chelsea Harvey,/ last accessed 6 August 2018.5 S. King and D. Karoly, ‘How we can link some extreme weather to climate change’, 18 March 2016: 7 B McKibben, ‘Why we should name hurricanes after fossil fuel corporations’, , 6 Nov 2012: 9 See vol 88(4) , (Oct-Dec 2017).10 M. Forst, 18 October 2016,‘Australian Government must re-build trust of civil society – UN human rights expert’, last accessed 6 August 2018.11 In August 2018, the extraordinary vision ‘Australia, Remade’ was launched by a loose alliance of individuals and organisations including the author. Check it out and get involved! 13 Joo-Cheong Tham, ‘Ten point plan to clean up money in federal politics’, last accessed 6 August 2018.

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A Word
This edition ‘hits the selves’ only days before the Morrison government is set to hand down their early budget, opening the door for a quick-fire election. Australia will have decided on the fate of the Coalition government before we at AQ have anoth