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Why? Just, Why?

this month, I just simply do not understand why people cannot move to the left unless overtaking and why they seem not to understand how to use an indicator! Seriously, this is driving me insane. Let’s take the recent trip I had to make down to Campbelltown south of Sydney to grab a

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Australian Motorcyclist2 min read
1976 Kawasaki Z900 A4
THERE HAS BEEN SOME good but a lot of bad for the Z900 A4 in the last month. The good is that the entire bike is stripped down and I’ve had a flood of new parts arrive. The bad is that the frame is in a worse state than I thought and is going to requ
Australian Motorcyclist4 min read
BMW Gs Safari
THE GS SAFARI was an Australian idea born back in 1994 and was an event that included both road and adventure BMW motorcycles for a mostly bitumen ride. The roles of the ‘Safari’ concept/event split a few years later with both the TS (road) Safari an
Australian Motorcyclist3 min read
Long Termers
You might know the brand for its tank covers and clip-on bags, but did you know Bagster is now doing custom seats as well? ‘Ready’ seats are complete replacement seats ready to click in and come with all necessary fittings. The ‘Ready’ seat is claime