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Deep in flavour, the Saraman curry was redolent of spices, the heady scents of star anise, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom wafting through the lofty dining room of the grand Malis restaurant. The handsome Cambodian waiter, clad head to toe in black, carried the dish on a silver tray. He closed his eyes and inhaled before spooning the steaming curry over a mound of rice on the ceramic white plate he’d set before me. Several hours on the stove

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Signature Luxury Travel & Style4 min read
Southern Exposure
“Dear John, Welcome to the end of the world.” As hotel greetings go, this ominous note is hard to beat, even if tongue-in-cheek. Yet it’s almost true, with the hotel, The Singular Patagonia, located towards the tip of South America and overlooking th
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An Icon Reborn
Australia’s landmark private island resort is about to usher in a new era of discovery, set against the spectacular backdrop of the Great Barrier Reef. Opening 1 July, InterContinental Hayman Island Resort will immerse you in a world of natural beaut
Signature Luxury Travel & Style3 min read
The Mane Event
What is it about polo that sets the heart racing? Is it the power of the ponies, their manes flying in the wind, the thwack of the wooden mallets as they strike the ball, the handsome players, or the champagne flowing at divot-stomping time, perfecte