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I’ve been wanting to do this course for some time and now that we have the longterm Australianised version of the Tracer 700 at our disposal, replete with knobbly tyres, it seemed more relevant than ever.

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that in London there’s very little chance to ride on the dirt, unless perhaps you’re doing a runner across Hampstead Heath, but that’s another story. Now that I’ve moved to this wide, brown land it seems something of a waste not to get out there and explore things away from the beaten track, or at least away from the HWP cars cruising every fun bit of tarmac. With that in mind, I felt it was time to learn

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Hi ARR, Please find attached photos of my girlfriend’s two rides — her LAMS Kawasaki Ninja 650L and Ninja ZX-6R. She rebuilt the Ninja ZX-6R as a project bike. This photo was taken under the Brisbane Story Bridge soon after the completion of the proj
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The crazy Frenchman had so much luggage I couldn't tell what kind of motorcycle he was riding. He said he'd come from Ushuaia, the very tip of South America, 2000km as the crow flies from our location in Osorno in the south of Chile, so I assumed he
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A Few Of My Favourite Things
Hi folks. This is my last issue as editor of this fine magazine. I’ll still be about, writing for ARR, just gonna get out from behind the editing desk and hand over to the new bloke, Nigel Paterson. He’s an old mate and he’ll do you proud, I’m sure.