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It’s a special feeling atop a horse, ask anyone who’s been there. There’s a tangible bond between rider and steed that stands alone. For some it conjures a feeling that can’t be lived without, as natural as breathing. Kate Noller first inhaled the intoxicating lure of the saddle before she started school, thanks to her mum. “Mum was always a horse person, so I guess she got me into it initially,” she says. “She always had us around horses, but I really started to ride

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Bliss For Birds
There’s no such thing as a straight line in nature and Fred Fahey has done his best to follow this inspiration in the garden he has created in the NSW central-west. The Cowra agricultural pilot and his wife, Colleen, have created a splendid park-like
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A Diamond In The Rough
When you’ve spent your whole life in a small country town where everyone knows everyone and community gatherings are more like big family reunions, pulling up stumps to start a new life elsewhere can be daunting. After growing up together in the cent
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Walk On The Wild Side
When Bev Ruskey announced that she was opening a tea house high in the hills between Boonah and Killarney in south-east Queensland, the response was unanimous: she was barking mad and the enterprise was doomed to fail. Undeterred, she went ahead and