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How long have you been creating with yarn? Most of my life, I think. I would have started with French knitting on a Knitting Nancy. I’ve always been crafty, and yarn in some form or another has always been in the mix, even if used in a collage.

I think I’m influenced by

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Monkey Business
Fiona Tully, Two Brown Birds – Blog: • 40 x 90cm (16 x 36in) each of wool felt in two different shades of mid/dark brown (bodies) • 10cm (4in) square of light pink wool felt (inner ears and cheeks) • 10 x 25cm (4 x 10i
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Autumn Winter YARNS
The largest Australian yarn manufacturer is The Australian Y arn Company (A YC), which produces and distributes fi ve well-known brands: Heirloom, Cleckheaton, Panda, Patons and Shepherd. The business has three sites including a mill at Wangaratta an
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Kitchener Stitch
Hold the two knitting needles with wrong sides together so that needle with the 50cm (20in) end attached is at the back and the end is on the right-hand side. Thread the end onto a yarn needle. You will work across the sts from right to left. Take ca