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“My style is clean, bright, colourful and ‘yarny’.”

Remember the rotten ol’ days when left-handers were ostracised for being the Devil’s children and teachers would rap them over the knuckles if they tried to do what came naturally – writing from the left? Well, Mandy O’Sullivan is one of millions setting the record straight, proving she’s not Satan’s spawn but positively godly in terms of success and creativity.

“I always thought I wouldn’t be able to learn crocheting because I am left handed,” she says, “but after admiring the work of others in my local craft group, I was determined to

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Hold the two knitting needles with the wrong sides together so that the needle with the 30cm (11¾in) end attached is at the back right-hand edge. Thread the end onto a yarn needle. You will work across the sts from right to left. Take care that the y