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If more people in the world felt like Ingrid van Willenswaard, the planet would gently turn on its axis with a soft, contented hum, rather than crashing and banging and spinning to the roar of traffic and the blast of battles.

“I knit and crochet because it gives me a feeling of peace; it’s a kind of meditation, the counting of the stitches and the focus on your hands leaving little room for worries. I don’t have a special goal doing it – it’s just the fun of it.”

It’s a sentiment that every crafter can relate to. Not that most of us need convincing – is there a single stitcher alive who wouldn’t choose to spend

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Bobbie Watts
Where do you live and work? I live in the beautiful state of Tasmania. I am lucky enough to have river and sea views from my workroom windows, which does prove to be quite distracting at times but is also a great source of design inspiration. How di
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Colourful Floor Pillow is from Sew Cuddly: 12 Plush Minky Projects for Fun & Fashion – Tips & Techniques to Conquer Cuddle by Judy Gauthier. Republished with permission from C&T Publishing. Available in Australia from Search Press. • 65cm ( 3/4yd)
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Bonnie Macramé WALLHANGING
• 100m (110yd) of 5mm (/4in) cotton rope or string – available from • 50cm (20in) piece of dowel or a suitable piece of driftwood Finished size: 50 x 85cm (20 x 33 1/2in) 1 Cut eight cords, 3m (3 1/3yd) and 16 cords, 2.5m (2