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What a great time of year! Everything is growing fast, the silly season is upon us and, importantly, the chooks are back in full lay. Which is why, this issue, instead of featuring recipes starring different seasonal fruit and veg, we decided to go eggs all the way. So if

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Good Organic Gardening4 min read
Long-flowering Favourite
Sasanqua camellia label Common name: Sasanqua camellia Botanical name: Camellia sasanqua Family: Theaceae Aspect & soil: Full sun to part shade; slightly acid soil Best climate: Cool Habit: Large evergreen shrub Propagation: Seed, cuttings Difficulty
Good Organic Gardening2 min read
The Golden Spice
Saffron label Common name: Saffron Botanical name: Crocus sativus Family: Iridaceae (iris family) Aspect & soil: Full sun; rich, well-drained soil Best climate: Cool, Mediterranean, temperate Habit: Perennial flowering bulb Propagation: Bulbs (corms)
Good Organic Gardening4 min read
Getting In The Zone
A garden that’s easy to look after is more likely to be maintained over the long term. But such a garden doesn’t happen by chance — it’s the result of careful planning. No gardener enjoys unnecessary hard work, so in permaculture we aim to design gar