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Not exactly a book but no less a source of vital info, Branch Out is a series of five 10-minute podcasts from Royal Botanic Garden Sydney hosted by science communicator, Vanessa Fuchs. At the time of writing, the first episode, No Plants No Medicine, was up, looking at some of the many thousands of plant species), a rainforest giant whose seeds, celebrated in Indigenous songlines, contain a poisonous chemical that could be effective against the viruses that cause HIV infection, hepatitis C and dengue fever. Fascinating — listen while you garden.

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Good Organic Gardening4 min read
Things To Do In AUGUST
As the days lengthen and soils begin to warm, there’s an urge that comes over most gardeners to plant! If all threat of frost has passed, plant away, but if there’s still the chance of a sneaky late frost, hold off planting out cold-sensitive summer
Good Organic Gardening4 min read
Round The Mulberry Bush
Is there another fruit tree as magnificent as the mulberry? Its thick green canopy provides deep shade in summer, its sturdy branches are made for kids to climb and its sweet dark berries keep cropping from late spring through to summer so you don’t
Good Organic Gardening2 min read
Native Mint
River mint is a rambling native herb found in moist forests and waterways across southeast Australia. A summer grower, it especially thrives after floods, often on riverbanks or in bogs. Also known as wild mint — in fact it’s one of a half-dozen nati