Good Organic Gardening



By Adrienne Barman, Allen & Unwin, $29.99

Subtitled , Swiss-born artist Adrienne Barman’s follow-up to is a beautifully illustrated compendium of 600-plus plants. Barman divides them into often-whimsical categories such as “the homebodies”, “the magical”, “the prickly” and “the stinkers”, each section featuring full-page colour cartoon drawings of the plants under discussion,

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Good Organic Gardening3 min read
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A horticulturist, presenter and passionate organic gardener, Chloe is co-owner and presenter of the web-based series The Gardenettes and she has been a regular presenter on The Garden Gurus. A mum of two little boys, she has a great following of Aust
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The Essential Veg
Onion label Common name: Onion Botanical name: Allium cepa Cepa group Family: Alliaceae Aspect & soil: Sun; deep well-drained soil Best climate: Cool to subtropical Habit: Biennial bulb grown as an annual Propagation: Seed, seedling (called sets) Dif
Good Organic Gardening2 min read
Cover To cover
By Chris Thorogood, Kew Publishing, $37.99 With undisguised glee, Oxford University botanist Chris Thorogood guides us through the weird, wild underworld of fantastical flora, “a world in which plants trick, dupe, steal and even kill”. His lively tex