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Kim had been an avid vegie gardener for a number of years and knew by trial and error what mostly did well in her patch. But she wanted to know why some things flourished sometimes and failed miserably at other times. Then a “Suggested Post” popped up on her Facebook feed for a free Science of Gardening online course from the University of Tasmania. Perfect.

“I’ve tried reading books about the scientific side of things, but frankly they were a bit too dry and over my head to see it through,” says Kim. “But the discipline of the free online course with its videos, regular tests and assignments — which were fun, by the way — made me stick at it and I learnt so much! Now I’m up for the follow-up course.”

What about you? Do you just want to be a better gardener or would you like to work with plants in some way? Or maybe you’d like to connect with other gardeners and

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