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Lemon Balm For Calm
Lemon balm label Common names: Lemon balm, Melissa, bee balm Botanical name: Melissa officinalis Family: Lamiaceae Aspect & soil: Sun to part shade; rich, well-drained soil Best climate: Most Habit: Herbaceous perennial Propagation: Seed, cutting, di
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Things To Do In JUNE
Winter is more about soups than salads, so plan a soup bed in the vegie patch and fill it with kale, onion, silverbeet and spinach. Also harvest summer-planted turnip, which is great for the soup pot. Use stored vegetables including pumpkin and potat
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Cool Customer
Coriander label Common name: Coriander, cilantro Botanical name: Coriandrum sativum Family: Apiaceae (carrot family) Group: Annual Requires: Sun to part shade; constant moisture Dislikes: Hot, dry conditions Suitable for: Herb gardens, vegetable gard