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Even though pears are one of the longest-enjoyed fruits, they can tend to divide people. Some people object to their grainy texture, though they often enjoy it more when the fruit is cooked, while others love them raw or cooked. Apparently, Shakespeare was not fond of them, describing them as “absurd” and “unpleasant”, while Louis XIV, the French “Sun King”, delighted in them.

The long-lived trees themselves, whether ornamental or fruiting, are beautiful, too, with their seasonal changes: gorgeous white blossom in spring, flashy autumn foliage and of course the softfleshed

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Lemon balm label Common names: Lemon balm, Melissa, bee balm Botanical name: Melissa officinalis Family: Lamiaceae Aspect & soil: Sun to part shade; rich, well-drained soil Best climate: Most Habit: Herbaceous perennial Propagation: Seed, cutting, di
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Winter is more about soups than salads, so plan a soup bed in the vegie patch and fill it with kale, onion, silverbeet and spinach. Also harvest summer-planted turnip, which is great for the soup pot. Use stored vegetables including pumpkin and potat
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Breadfruit label Common names: Breadfruit, canoe plant, poi, ulu Botanical name: Artocarpus altilis Family: Moraceae Aspect & soil: Full sun to part shade; well-drained soil Best climate: Tropics, subtropics Habit: Evergreen tree Propagation: Seed Di