Good Organic Gardening




By Justin Calverley & CERES, ABC Books, $39.99

Sometimes, the only thing between a wouldbe city farmer and that dream garden is space. That’s no longer an excuse as horticulturist and broadcaster Justin Calverley, who teaches at CERES Environment Park in urban Melbourne, draws on his knowledge of organics and permaculture

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Good Organic Gardening3 min read
Bitter Sweet Breakfast
Grapefruit label Common name: Grapefruit Botanical name: Citrus × paradisi Family: Rutaceae Aspect & soil: Sun; well-drained soil Best climate: Mediterranean, temperate, subtropical Habit: Evergreen tree Propagation: Grafting, budding Difficulty: Eas
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Long-flowering Favourite
Sasanqua camellia label Common name: Sasanqua camellia Botanical name: Camellia sasanqua Family: Theaceae Aspect & soil: Full sun to part shade; slightly acid soil Best climate: Cool Habit: Large evergreen shrub Propagation: Seed, cuttings Difficulty
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Mullumbimby Magic
On a farm nestled in the subtropical rolling green hills of Mullumbimby in northern NSW is a delightful home inhabited by Jan, who has found inspiration in every garden she has tended, and her housemates, arty jewellery-making daughter Deah and Deah’