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You may have heard of the term “buildability” but aren’t actually sure what it means. So what exactly is buildability? It is the degree to which the design of planned building facilitates its construction and utilisation. Does that sound complicated? For a building’s designer, it makes sense. For a building’s design to be good, all elements of construction have been considered, simplifying the process, and the finished product will be a building that can be used to its utmost potential for the

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Grand Designs Australia4 min read
Contemporary Coastal Cottage
A home without adequate flooring is like a foot without a shoe. It looks okay for a while, but things get messy (maybe even a little mangy and smelly) quicker than you can say, “Where’s the mop and bucket?” Thankfully, keen renovators Rachael and And
Grand Designs Australia4 min read
Live Smarter
Experience the supremacy of home technology with this nifty invention. The award-winning home automation offering from the Luxaflex Window Fashions range has been extended, with the launch of the next generation of PowerView Motorisation. The world’s
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Hana Hakim
After studying fine art and illustration at the Chelsea College of Arts in London, Hana Hakim began her design career with a strong interest in sculpture, architecture and interiors. Her passion for interior design was strengthened when GHD Woodhead,