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Colour Guide

What colours are the easiest to start with and which ones work well together?

A neutral colour scheme lays the foundation for any interior style, allowing you to build on colour carefully by adding bolder colours through accessories and art. “Often neutrals are the key; when you

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Universal Housing Hero
A universally designed home aims to create inclusive living spaces that make life simpler and safer for residents young or old, able-bodied or mobility-challenged. These homes are easy to enter, navigate and adapt to changing circumstances. In essenc
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Start Fresh
Have you outgrown your home? Is it shabby and no longer suiting your needs? Renovating your existing digs, selling up and buying, or building elsewhere are three possible solutions to these common housing conundrums, but there’s a fourth option that’
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Origami Treehouse
HOUSE Tess & Michael’s House LOCATION Eden Hills, SA DATE COMPLETED 2017 FINAL COST $320,000 Tess Pritchard had a dream; a dream to purchase a patch of paradise and design her own home to live in with her husband, two dogs and any potential futu