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Lara Scolari works from her Balmain studio and gallery where she produces abstract artworks that have a beautiful energy, movement and natural appeal to them. Each artwork features layers upon layers of different materials that fold into each other, interact and come to create natural and organic formations. Lara is inspired by the process each artwork undertakes throughout its development, with each taking up to six weeks to dry. The time and progress encourages reflection, which in turn carves Lara’s

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Home Design1 min readFood & Wine
An Entertainer’s Delight
This kitchen is a true entertainer’s delight. It has real presence in the central part of the home and leads out to an alfresco dining area on one side and a pool/conservatory on the other. The home in which this kitchen resides is truly spectacular
Home Design3 min read
Green Warrior
Embarking on a brand-new “green” kitchen renovation can be a confronting task: eco-friendly building work always involves a compromise, and weighing up the pros and cons of every design decision can be challenging. The Kitchen and Bathroom Designers
Home Design2 min read
Bridgette Mcnab
Bridgette McNab was uncertain about her life’s direction. She eventually decided to travel and try a variety of jobs to see what felt right. Twenty three years old and living in London, Bridgette enrolled herself in a five-week fine arts evening cour