Time to exercise

Even with the best of intentions, sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day to fit in a full workout, jog or yoga class. A study by Australian National University found that one in five people aged between 25 and 54 don’t have time to exercise. Lead researcher Dr Lyndall Strazdins, from ANU’s Research School of Population Health, said being time-poor is a real phenomenon and “not just a problem of people’s minds”.

The good news is that short workouts are better than nothing. Rather than miss a workout altogether — and feel guilty about it — use what time you do have, even if it’s while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil, at the traffic lights or at work. It seems that scientists agree these shorter workouts can be just as beneficial as longer workouts for your overall health.

A study published in the found that doing short bursts of exercise is just as effective as longer workouts. “There’s no doubt that something is better than nothing,” agrees Michael Cunico, national fitness manager for Fitness First Australia. Cunico says there are always pockets of time available to you to move throughout the

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