Creating spacious minds

You create spaciousness by being in the moment, connecting with yourself and your world and resisting the urge to pick up your phone and other devices.

One afternoon I was at a cafe with my husband when he went off to do some shopping. Only a few seconds after he had left, I reached for my phone and started scrolling through social media.

This was nothing new. What was new was the realisation that I didn’t actually want to be doing this. My brain felt so full and scrolling was only making it fuller. What I actually wanted was the ability to sit and just watch the world go by.

When faced with moments of nothingness, I didn’t want to automatically spend all my free time and headspace being a passive observer of what everyone else was doing and thinking. I wanted to relearn the art of waiting and turn my attention inwards. I craved more space and energy in my life to explore and create.

Do you feel like your brain is full most of the time? Do you yearn for more space in your mind to think clearly and to feel less stressed? Do you wish you could just sit and be rather

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