A yogi’s guide to the Full Moon

Have you ever been mesmerised by a Full Moon in the sky as it exudes beautiful, cooling light? What are the forces that draw you in? Going a little deeper, are you aware of the influences the Moon has on your physiology, energetic body and mind?

A Full Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are opposite from each other, gravitationally influencing the Earth. With its pull, it changes the tides of the ocean, signifying fulfilment and completion. It also calls for reflection and gratitude for the abundance in your life.

“Full” is the term describing the Moon as it reflects light from the Sun. It denotes an abundance of acquired goodness, heightened energy, receptivity and strength, but this fullness can also manifest in the overflow of emotions, erratic behaviour and overheated conversations, bringing with them physical and emotional tension.

This article honours the Full Moon and offers practices to align with its energy, enhance your connection to the lunar cycle, release tension and restore yourself, leaving you feeling grounded, rejuvenated and fulfilled.

Influence of the Full Moon: Ayurveda and yoga

Ayurveda (the healing system of India and sister science of yoga) observes the healing forces of the universe and has a deep connection with its cycles. This is practised by aligning with its natural rhythms, adapting seasonal diets, adjusting to the cycles of the Sun by modifying eating and sleeping patterns (eg waking up at sunrise) and allowing

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