When you face a challenge in your life, do you feel equipped to handle it or do you become overwhelmed and stuck in the difficulty, grief or even the unfairness of your situation? Whether you are facing an illness, career change, divorce, family challenge, or any other significant difficulty, there are techniques you can use to build optimism and rewire your brain for resilience.

1. Embrace the power of vulnerability

“Vulnerability is not weakness. And that myth is profoundly dangerous,” says vulnerability and courage expert Brene Brown. When I became a mum for the first time last year I discovered why being real and vulnerable was crucial to building resilience.

In the early days when our little guy was not sleeping well, unsettled and crying all night, I quickly became overwhelmed. All I wanted to do was sleep, have a break and at times go back to my old life with all its freedom.

In those exceptionally difficult days I let myself feel what I was feeling. Some days that meant sitting on the bathroom floor and having a good cry; other days it was having a truthful conversation with my husband or mum about how hard I was finding it. It most certainty meant asking

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