The creative disruptor

If you had to choose one word to sum up the work of Jacinta McDonell, “disruptor” would be apt. While this word is often thrown around in the current entrepreneurial world, it’s particularly relevant for this mother of three. Her special talent? Making something very rigid approachable for all. She looks at the rules, regulations and requirements of everyday parts of life and asks — why? Why can only that person, at that time and in that way, do it? When she doesn’t get a good enough answer she goes ahead and creates the change.

First it was Australia’s first 24-hour gym. Then it was charity work in Africa. And now it’s yoga and meditation. In each industry, this born entrepreneur is able to break down the barriers that keep people separated, whether they are timetable, access or understanding.

First, the fitness world

Think back to the fitness industry of the early 90s for a moment. Not only were the gyms themselves very sterile (and often male-oriented) places but what you wore and what you did inside those gymnasiums were equally inaccessible. Fitness was very much governed by timetables: you paid your substantial fee, picked a class (and hoped to be able to get to it), showed up and then left an hour later.

Jacinta McDonell grew

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