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If you could be a better version of yourself, what would you be? Take out a notebook and pen and start writing everything that comes to your mind. Writer’s block? Unsure on how to answer? Let’s begin by looking at the language of virtue and value.

Virtue, by definition, is moral excellence. It’s an honest habit that generally results

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Yin Yoga & Zen For A Meditative Mind
Have you ever sat? Really sat? Sat in silence, fully present in your body, with your breath and with clear comprehension of the matters of your mind as you were sitting still? Sitting down to meditate may seem like a simple matter to accomplish — but
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A Whole New Way To Eat
Ancient Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle once said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” When it comes to living a healthy and balanced life, this sentiment rings very true for not only us at WellBeing but also wholefood cook, H
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It’s In The Doing
I cultivate stillness by joining my son in his world, learning from his example. My little guy has one foot in "The Dreaming", a strong connection to spirit and has taught be so much about stillness and being present. Rebecca Taylor Becoming a minima