Refresh, rejuvenate, renew

Spring is a long-awaited, exciting time of the year that symbolises the reawakening of life. Nature moves from its winter dormancy into dynamic spring energy, bringing with it hopes for growth, new beginnings and the inspiration to refresh, rejuvenate and clean out what no longer serves you, physically and emotionally.

Spring is the time of nature’s rebirth, bringing with it vibrant colours, longer sun-filled days, warmth and an abundance of food. It’s also the season of the regeneration and reawakening of your creative force, motivating you to put into action the visions you have been contemplating over winter, to establish new habits, to reflect on what you want to clear out of your environment and within yourself, and manifest what you desire.

And yet, while spring is the season of motivation and happiness, you may not yet have experienced the joy, inspiration and hope it promises.

Have you been feeling jumpy and grumpy? Are you overwhelmed by the pressure you feel inside but can’t quite pin it to anything? Do you feel you’re about to burst? Are you feeling stuck and impatient about the release of the accumulated stagnation within? Does your body feel sore and stiff? Many people experience feelings like this heading into spring. So be kind to yourself — and read on.

The holistic disciplines of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda, the sister of yoga, teach that we need to adjust our lifestyles as the wheel of the year turns. These time-honoured traditions hold that aligning how you behave, exercise, breathe, eat and practise

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