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Going wild in Scotland

They say a change is as good as a holiday! You are a camper by nature, so why not try an overseas holiday?

We did, and decided on Scotland… and it seems that most of Europe does, as well! This is surely the most beautiful part of the United Kingdom and, as such, an extremely popular motorhome and caravanning destination. It’s the place where 2 000-year-old medieval castles stand, where kings fought against kings, and clan feuds were common.

The landscape along the coastline is as dramatic as the huge variation in the rise and fall of the tide, with one beautiful coastline replacing another, and one fascinating town replacing the next.

And in spring, it has green, rolling grass hills and woody forests; plus, it boasts absolutely pristine lochs, with dark surface waters (possibly hiding dinosaur-type creatures) that are as reflective as a mirror – and don’t forget that it also boasts the world’s best distilleries!

Having motor-homed in Southern Africa as well as a large part of Europe and Western USA, I came to the conclusion that if God lived anywhere on our wonderful planet, he would surely be in the incredible Yosemite National Park in the USA. It has millions of hectares of breathtaking pine forests, crystal-clear rivers, and sheer cliff faces

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