Simple signalling

Although most of us who drive 4x4s kit our rigs out with a communication system of some sort, it is still worth knowing how to send a distress signal using more ‘primitive’ means. The most universal way of doing this is to use Morse Code. This code was invented way back in 1836 by Samuel F B Morse with Joseph Henry and Alfred Vail, as a means of transmitting messages over long distances using pulses of electricity. Although Morse code

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Bold New Era
Mitsubishi has taken bold steps with the redesign of the Triton, just two years after South Africa received the fifth-generation model, and, if everyone is honest, it’s a great improvement. That wide and angular new face with its high-set headlights,
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Joburg Canopy Centre
There is only one canopy that is safe, secure and strong. With an ever increasing range of models, styles and options, selecting the right canopy can be just as challenging as choosing the vehicle itself. Only Sammitr (SMM) Steel canopies provide max
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Wild Accessories
The Wild Premium Aluminium Canopy offered by Wild Accessories is built to offer premium stability and great looks. It has positive pressure ventilation inside the canopy as well as an air vent designed to clean the rear window. It has built-in roof r