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OFF-ROAD TYRES & WHEELS – What You Need To Know
Your wheels and tyres are your vehicle’s feet on the dirt. The tread type, tyre and wheel size, and potential changes to track width all play a role in your vehicle’s ride, handling, comfort and traction. The standard issue tyres are typically specif
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Food In The Wild
One of the first articles I wrote for SA4x4 was how to treat snakebite. Because I spend so much of my time in the bush, I thought it might be worth sharing my knowledge of how to avoid (or at least lessen) the risk of getting bitten. Food is one of t
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Land Rover’s replacement for the venerable Freelander 2 has been met with critical acclaim and impressed us no end when we drove it in July 2015. As time and the rivals have moved on, it’s now time for the mid-cycle refresh and update of both the int