SA4x4’s Giant All-Terrain Tyre Test

Nelus Bantjes (Sweeper at Safari 4x4, Bloemfontein):

Interesting that in 2014 the older Grabber also came out tops. Different pattern, test crew and vehicle. It says something about the manufacturer and tyre quality.

Johann Groenewald (Co-owner at Tracks4Africa):

The article does not mention what) These are hardly the type of conditions I expose tyres to when travelling. On the contrary my vehicle is always fully loaded and driving conditions will vary from good tar highways to bad rocky trails. On a recent trip I found high speeds on slightly potholed tar roads to be the main culprit in reducing tyre life. Longevity over varying conditions and under load will be my top criteria, without compromising safety. For better traction in sand or on rocky gradients there are various things the driver can do to improve this. Therefore I find a test like this inconclusive for overland travellers.

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