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No/15 Drawing Meaning
THREE-TIME semi-finalist for the international Adobe Design Achievement Awards, Tafadzwa Bero is an artist to watch. How did you get into illustration? I could draw from a young age. I was always discovering beautiful vector graphics on social med
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Good, Better, Less
TASHA Tyler isn’t one for trends. That said, she’s been uncannily adept at being ahead of them. She was, for example, an early adopter of the Balinese decor trend in South Africa, having established a successful business importing and selling one-of-
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This is VISI’s 101st issue. If you were to live to 101, what do you hope will have been invented by then? A deep-tissue robot masseuse. I’d never have to leave the house. Quoting Marie Kondo, tell us about a treasured possession that sparks joy? I w