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This Is Your Visi 101!
AFTER the enormous success of our bumper VISI 100 edition, it feels a little odd to produce our regular-size 192-page magazine again! But we have enjoyed creating a very inspiring Issue 101 for you to delve into somewhere cosy as the seasons change.
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Branching Out
WHEN Fiona and John Whitfield moved back to the Port Elizabeth suburb of Fiona’s childhood in 2001, they were so smitten with the 1940s house at the top of the property that they scarcely took note of the tantalising treasures below. They would later
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No/16 The Mercury Effect
“WORKING with stainless steel is a daily conversation with an unruly child, and I love that,” says Bulgarian-born Rado Kirov. Rado developed an interest in metal art at an early age and apprenticed with a Bulgarian master craftsman. He moved to South