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 Chocolate box dainties have come a long way since their humble hazelnut praline-filled beginnings. A new generation of chocolatiers are shaking up the shell-shaped status quo with zany moulds, Pollock-esque splatters, laquered surfaces and mind-blowing flavour combos. Think burnt lemon and jasmine; whisky ganache and tobacco caramel; and buchu and white chocolate. Turn the page for our current confectionary crushes, plus some legendary cocoa creations.

The truffle shuffle

Gregory Czarnecki not only heads up one of SA’s top 10 restaurants, he also has a knack for crafting exquisite

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Lay It On
Don Angie restaurant in New York whips up a beautiful bake of lasagne rolls. “Our lasagne is made with fresh house-made pasta,” says the team’s Bianca Kenworthy. The pasta is rolled into rosettes, filled with layers of sweet Italian sausage Bolognese
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Sister Act
In Naples, we decided to go our separate ways for lunch. When you’re 12 people on a family cruise in the Mediterranean celebrating the beloved matriarch’s birthday, you sometimes need to split up for a while. For everyone’s sake. My youngest brother-
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Super Greens
“This is my take on the classic Tuscan soup ribollita, iconic for its use of day-old bread, beans, vegetables and good olive oil. I only used winter greens but feel free to add a can of chopped tomatoes when you add the stock.” Serves 4 EASY Prepar