Boasting a bold and textured interior punctuated with impressive works of art, this home is made complete with a giant red polar bear in the fully tiled outside pond area. Originally featured in the Queensland Art Gallery, the sculpture by Scott Redford adds even more quirkiness to an already eccentric home. Surrounding the oversized arctic character is a combination of black

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TOP Performer
Zucchini are generous plants to have in the summer garden, with their abundance of glossy fruit. They are easy to grow and such good croppers that during harvest time you can be out in the veggie patch picking zucchinis for not only your own use but
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Container Trees: A Planting Guide
Remove the pot gently from the root ball. “Tease” or loosen the roots to release them from the container mould. Some roots might be quite “set” and may need extra drying out; don’t be afraid to slice (with the sharp edge of your secateurs) the root b
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THE SCIENCE OF gardening
Luli Faber is a neuroscientist and passionate gardener who loves to have flowers on her property year-round. Her 16ha block borders the Stuart River in Wilkesdale in the South Burnett region of southeast Queensland. “My main requirement is to find pe