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Dear Classic American, As Alice Afzal wrote in the June 2018 Classic American, people are keen on the environmental benefits of electric cars, but often overlook the quantities of energy, raw materials and nasty chemicals needed to make the batteries and then recycle them afterwards. The problem

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Classic American2 min read
All Change!
Unbelievably, the show season is here with us already and so far we’ve been blessed with a pretty good summer. One’s always a little cautious about making such proclamations, as they are usually followed by biblical rain of the ‘40 days and 40 nights
Classic American3 min read
Scale Autos
Fords were handsome beasts in the mid-Sixties with a wide range of cars including full-size Galaxies, intermediate Fairlanes, compact Falcons and the ubiquitous Mustang, nearing the end of its first incarnation, and still somewhat overshadowing the o
Classic American6 min read
Taken To The Wing
When your family are as enthusiastic about cars as you are, it’s inevitable that before long, one will be gracing the family garage. Paul Clarkson’s father owned a number of British classic cars and his brother is very into old Porsches, but it was P