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BIO: Scott Bishop is the most experienced dirtbike test dummy in Australia and perhaps the world. He’s tested everything that’s won, lost, blown up, blew smoke, holeshot or highsided since DIRT ACTION began. These days Scott runs the GYTR Yamaha Yamalube race team in the MXD class and spends his time building bikes and riders.




he social side of riding a dirtbike is part of the reason why we all ride. Sitting back in your pit chair after a long moto with your riding

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Dirt Action5 min read
Red Rocket
After the introductory story on the long-term Honda CRF450R last issue, you could say things got a little out of control! This build has turned into a seriously epic beast and we aren’t done yet. From my initial days on the Honda CRF450R, I was compl
Dirt Action2 min read
Rock Drops
Where possible, try and have a look on the other side of the drop. There may be a particular line you can take early on to ensure a clear landing or a way to ride down the rocks safely. After you’ve checked the landing, have a look for the line to ta
Dirt Action4 min read
Moto Podlandia
I listen to podcasts constantly. I’m listening to one right now. I listen to them when I’m riding, mowing the lawn, going to sleep, cooking dinner and pretty much any time I’d rather be thinking about something else rather than what I’m actually doin