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Dirt Action2 min read
Welcome To The Fleet
It’s official: we now have our very own 2019 Yamaha WR450F here at DIRT ACTION and we’re loving every minute of it. Taking delivery of the all-new enduro weapon from Yamaha Motor Australia HQ right before Christmas, the timing really couldn’t have be
Dirt Action4 min read
Sherco 450sef Factory
Sherco has two models available with the Racing and Factory both on offer through dealers. As both are equally accessible — the Factory model is not a limited edition — and of course registerable, we allowed it to be the model chosen for the shootout
Dirt Action7 min read
Killing The Pain Or Chasing The High?
Pain is a part of riding dirtbikes. Nobody gets out of this game without crashing, and from scraped elbows to broken bones, we all know crashing hurts. Taking a tablet to ease the pain is so commonplace that few of us ever stop to think of the effect