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STEP 1: Raspberry canes can be planted anytime through the dormant season, but if planted now they have the rest of the autumn to establish a strong root system. Come next spring, they will have produced stronger plants. Prepare the ground by working in plenty of well-rotted organic matter, such as manure or garden compost, and then dig out a planting trench approximately 20-30cm (8-12in) deep.

Autumn and summer fruiting varieties are planted in the same way. If starting from scratch, buy virus-free plants from a reputable grower. If you already

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In 2011 I was struck down with a long-term illness. After several years hiding indoors my aunt got herself an allotment and convinced me to come over just to get me out of the house and the deep hole of depression I was in. Things started off slowly
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What is your plot like? The allotment site contains 17 full-size plots and eight half-size plots, and is managed by the local city council. I am the site secretary. When I obtained my plot, soft fruits were the primary crop grown in 60cm (2ft) wide
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I had planned to email last summer regarding my blueberries. The first few photos are from last year and show a bush which was full of fruit which just withered and died. I did lose two plants last year. We have extended it this spring and planted fo